I have had this exact feeling many times.  The feeling of arriving at one of those unique moments that helps shape and define a life. 

The first time I said goodbye to my mom, and went into kindergarden class.  My first time alone behind the wheel of a car.  My first day on a college campus.  My first date, first kiss, first time making love.  First broken heart.  First (and only, so far) time walking down the aisle.  The birth of my first child.   

My first career change.  Then my first career change after the first career change.  Running my first 5K.  Completing my first marathon.  The first time jumping out of an airplane.  The first time scuba-diving, and my first encounter with a rare wolf seal.  

And now, my first blog.   Thanks for sharing the moment with me.


About Michael Steinberger

ex-disc jockey, ex-corporate nine-to-fiver, social butterfly, observer of the ironies of life
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